#WordcountWednesday: Gasps of Fear (243 Words)

The Challenge:

Write an erotic piece that is no more than 250 words in length.

His hand reached up and strong, leathery fingers wrapped firmly about her neck. She lifted her chin and looked deep into his eyes as he pressed into her smooth, fragile skin. She gasped, not because of the pressure, but because of the sudden onset of fear.

She trusted him with all her heart and yet, every time she felt the knuckles of his fingers press into the veins on the side of her long, thin neck, her heart raced and her desire to scream was only suppressed by her desire to please.

He smiled, the way he always does, as he entered her swiftly. She couldn’t restrain herself from digging her nails into his arms, as he pushed against her throat harder. They paused in the moment, her eyes filled with fears, his calm and controlled. As she closed her eyes, he released her throat and her hands frantically clung to him as he thrust upon her faster and harder, their chests heaving rhythmically.

He collapsed on her, his entire weight robbing her of her breath again. She was stricken with the same fear as before, this time feeling powerless to his size, not his strength. She gasped and he began gently rocking on her, moans gently escaping between her tightened lips.

He lifted himself off her and kissed her deeply as she shuttered beneath him, opening her lips to take in all the air she could manage, fear turning to enlightened euphoria.

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