#DailyChallenge: The Office of Love

The Challenge:

Use one of the #WritingPrompts for #EroticWriters from this Pinterest board.

I picked this one:

#WritingPrompts for #EroticWriters: The office was empty...

#WritingPrompts for #EroticWriters: The office was empty…

James and I had been seeing each other for sometime, absolutely on the down low. He was well-known at his job and sleeping with another man was definitely not good for his career. I was openly gay and proudly wore the pride flag on my sleeve (literally!).

We had met at a gay bar, of course. He came in with his sister, who is the only person other than me that knows that he’s gay. His sister was determined to help him get out of the closet and while it worked it one sense, our relationship gets more serious everyday and he seems more in denial about it.

James had texted me from work one day.

“I need to see you…!”, he typed from his mahogany desk scattered with stacks of paperwork and files filled to the brim.

“You wanna meet for coffee later?”, I responded, as I did anytime he asked to see me.

“No, need to see you… NOW!”, he replied, almost as soon as I had responded.

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes… Are you ok?”, I asked, already grabbing my jacket and keys. As I walked out my front door, he texted saying, “Just get here NOW!”. I rushed…

When I arrived at his office, he quickly grabbed me at the reception area, his cheeks red and the first two buttons of his dress shirt undone. The receptionist was gone and no one filled the seats in the reception and as I allowed him to pull me down the hallway, I noticed most of the lights off and all the offices empty.

He lead me into his office and hastily closed the door behind him, slamming the lock into place. I began to take off my jacket when James rushed upon me, sliding his hands about me and helping me out of the sleeves of my coat. He threw it across the room and lifted my t-shirt above my head in one quick motion. I laughed as I began unbuttoning the rest of his shirt, never having seen him quite like this.

He kissed my neck feverishly and fumbled to undo my pants, struggling to remove my leather belt from it’s loops and pawing at the button that held them up. I grabbed his hands and whispered, “Relax, I’ll help” and he looked slightly ashamed for a moment. I undid my zipper and pulled my hardened cock from my pants.

He gasped and dropped to his knees, hurriedly devouring the entire length of my shaft deep into his mouth. My head fell back and instinctively my hands found their way to the side of his face and I began thrusting hard into his face. He gagged slightly and I just continued on. His hands reached up behind me and grabbed hard at my ass, shoving my cock even deeper down his throat and I moaned loudly before lifting him off his knees.

I turned him around and roughly kissed his neck, pulling gently on the soft brown curls just covering the back of his neck. I reached around in front of him and undid the buckle of his belt. With a great amount of skill, I quickly undid his button and fly and pushed his pants down to his ankles as I dug my teeth into his naked, hot flesh.

As I returned to standing, my cock hitting against his upper thighs, I put my hand on his neck and began pushing him forward, his hands resting on the edge of his large desk. I ran my hand down his back and then grabbed his small hips with my strong hands. He stuck out his beautiful bottom and I was compelled to kneel down. First, I took both his balls into my mouth and sucked hard on them and his knees shivered furiously. Then, I licked across his perineum, my tongue pointed and hard before gently pulling his ass cheeks apart and allowing my tongue to explore his sweet taste. He moaned loudly as my tongue slid slightly into his dark hole and I moaned in response to him.

I stood and gently pushed my way into him, my hands exploring every inch of his exposed skin. I reached up his back and grabbed his shoulders, pushing myself deeper into him and he heaved against his will. I traced my fingers down his back, between his shoulder blades and over the ridge of his buttocks. He shivered and shook beneath me. I pulled him up off the desk and held him close to my body, my hands making their way to his begging, dripping, throbbing shaft.

As I wrapped my large hand around him and thrusted deep within him, he moaned and muttered words you could not understand. He shook his head and raised his hands repetitively. He reached behind me and pulled me closer still and I kissed whichever parts of him I could reach – his arms as they wrapped around me, his shoulders as he raised them up, his neck when his head would fall forward and his checks when he would throw his head back.

I nibbled on the lobe of his ear and he screamed out, “I love you!”, as he shuddered and shot cum all over the top of the paperwork strewn across his desk. I wrapped my arms around his chest and as I released my load into him, I kissed his cheek and whispered, “I love you too!”.


4 thoughts on “#DailyChallenge: The Office of Love

  1. Here’s some thoughts for improvement!

    When James texts, we get a visual of his surroundings. I like it as a way of setting the scene for later, but I think it should be framed from the main character’s viewpoint. For example, ‘I imagined James sitting at his mahogany desk, clutching the phone in one hand as he entered his message excitedly with the other. Across the desk were likely strewn bulging files and hastily arranged columns of paperwork…’

    Sorry, got carried away there, but you get the idea. 🙂

    I thought that when it was James’ turn to lose his trousers, there was a bit of repetition from earlier. Perhaps to add some variety and make things flow a little easier, you could simplify it to, for example, ‘I unfastened his belt and trousers from behind with my skilled hands, letting them fall down over his thighs and softly crash around his ankles…’

    Um, there’s also what I feel to be a viewpoint goof later on – ‘muttered words that you could not understand’ – unless it’s words that James can understand but would be undecipherable to the reader.

    Okay! Now for comments on the story. 🙂

    I liked the intensity of the scene. They both really need this, not just James.

    It’s a very physical and sensual scene, and it works really well. By which I mean that I can picture it in my head very easily and the sensations follow naturally from the actions causing them.

    The character introduction at the start has a great economy of words and gets me acquainted enough with them to care, without slowing things down.

    I liked the scene setting later on, with James leading the way from reception to the hallway to his office. It allows me to get a sense of the location, and of James’ importance where he works.

    I sort of thought that with the time James had between texting and the arrival of his lover, he would have cleared his desk, but I guess I can let that pass.

    I’m usually more into gxg stories but this is compelling enough that I had to read it all the way through.

    Hope to see more from you in the future! 🙂


    • Thank you so much for this amazing feedback Martin. This was an incredibly difficult piece for me to write and I’m not exactly sure why I did – just kind of called to me. I’ve never been involved in or seen more than a few pictures of man-on-man relations, so I was sorta just flying by the seat of my pants but your feedback is immensely useful.

      I definitely had an issue sticking to perspective consistency and I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to change it or not, so I left it. I absolutely love that you thought James should clear the desk haha. I had considered it too…

      I just seriously thank you so much for this feedback. Great example of constructive criticism, first and foremost. Plus, it will definitely help me write my next scene like this one, so it’s greatly appreciated. Out of curiousity (and I’ll probably get a metaphorical slap on the wrist here), what’s gxg?


        • See, now I bet if I just would’ve stopped to think about it for a bit, I could’ve totally figured out that you it was girl on girl. I was thinking it was going to be some new fetish craze sweeping the web 😉

          I’m always so nervous to give my feedback on people’s work. But I absolutely loved yours and yes, very useful!!


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