#WordcountWednesday: This Brave New World

The Challenge:

Use the phrase “Everyone belongs to everyone else…” inspired by Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

We had been driving down the dusty dirt road in our clunky lemon of a car for the last twenty minutes. I had a map sprawled across my lap, legs stretched out the open window as green fields rolled by the tips of my white boat shoes. I kept saying, to him and myself, “I’m sure we made the right turn. It all looks right…”, trailing off every time to tap the creased paper with my pencil.

He confidently drove on, as if he knew exactly where he was going even though we were utterly lost, I was sure of it. Rows upon rows of trees whipped past us as dusty sand was tossed carelessly from our back wheels. He put his hand behind my head and patted, “Relax my girl. We’ll get there.” and he smiled that smile that melted my heart every time.

I sighed and looked ahead down the long sandy dirt road, my heart racing and my mind turning over and over. In the distance, I saw it. A big wooden gate. I pulled my legs down from the window and threw the map in the backseat. I grabbed his arm and half-shouted at him, “We’re here! It’s here!” and he grinned from ear to ear. I leaned over and kissed his cheek. He applied pressure to the brakes and moved the lemon over to the side of the road – half in the grass, half on the dirt.

“What..? What are you doing?”, I gaped at him, hands dropping into my lap.

“I just wanted to take a moment, you and me. I want to hold your hands and kiss you and make sure you’re ready for this.”, he grabbed my hands from my lap with one hand and placed the other beneath my chin, lifting my wide eyes up to meet his.

“I’m so ready! Aren’t you?”, my voice quaked as I asked.

He moved forward and locked his lips around mine, “I love you… so much!”, he whispered the “so much” gently.

I grabbed his arm, “I love you too… so much!”, and I snuggled my head against his neck, my long hair falling about his chest and arms, the smell of strawberries and almonds swirling around us both.

He nodded and said, “Well, then let’s go, shall we?” and we both straightened as the car rumbled back to movement down the last few feet of dusty road.

We stopped at the large gate before us and both ejected from the car in a burst. Our doors squeaked and we ran to the front of the car. Delicate carvings made their way up the poles holding the gate, twisting clear around them. Atop the poles sat an intricate sign decorated with the same carvings that read, “Everyone belongs to everyone else” and upon reading it, he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight to his body. I kissed his neck and jaw, barely able to contain my excitement. He seemed more reserved.

He released me after a moment and walked forward to unclasp the large gate and as he placed his hand on the soft wood, I wrapped my arms around him from behind and whispered, “Today is the day and I’ve never loved you more!” and he let out a large breath as he lifted the black-colored metal off its hinge.

The gate swung open, opening its welcoming arms to this couple in love.

I squeed loudly and cheerfully made her way back to the car, gracefully dancing a jig along the way. He raised his chin, pushed his shoulders back and his chest out and walked back to the car composed. The doors squeaked as they closed and the lemon sputtered to start through the gate.

Tall green trees surrounded them on each side, branches reaching far out above them. The dust continued to fly up behind them and they both sat high on the edge of their seats, searching the seclusion for signs of life. Smoke rose up from the trees above them and they knew they must be close.

Ten minutes passed before they came upon a clearing in the trees where a small grouping of cars were parked. Then, they saw it. The huge cabin surrounded by even more of the same trees. Dark logs laid on top of each other over and over again created the walls of the cabin, expanding upwards of three stories. A large porch wrapped around the entire building and as they pulled their rusty car around the circular dirt driveway to the door, four people emerged from the massive double doors separating us from them.

I opened the door quickly and sprang from the car in a burst. He sat unable to move. One by one, each of the four descended the stairs and wrapped their arms around me and I embraced them all with glee. A tall muscular man from the group walked around to the other side of the car and opened the car door. He reached his hand out, offering it to my lover and he emerged from the vehicle looking tense and awkward.

I ran over to him and took him by the hand, bringing him into the group which was now circling about us. An older lady with long graying hair smiled wildly at me and pointed her leathery finger towards the door. I nodded and the small girl in our group, hair red like the strawberries of my scented shampoo, frittered quickly to the door and quietly yelled into the house, “They’re here!” and you could hear the entire house come alive.

A stream of people came rushing out the front door and we were suddenly surrounded by twenty or thirty men and women, all in varying states of dress and ages. Hug after hug after hug, a thousand words barely heard or recognized, and then silence as the older lady made her way up the seven steps to the porch.

“It has been a long journey for our new sister and brother. Let them to their rooms and then we begin!”. The crowd began to disperse and the fiery-haired girl grabbed my hand and began to lead me towards the cabin. I grabbed my lover’s hand and he squeezed it hard. I kissed his cheek and whispered, “It’s going to be alright”, he nodded and looked ahead with determination.

Her voice was soft and smooth and trickled into our ears and fascinated us. Both of us hung on her every word as she showed us about the cabin. This house was clearly built, decorated and lived in with love. Pictures hung on every wall filled with people we recognized from the circle that had just been around us. She pointed her pale finger to the right and we walked through the door to the living room. “This is where we spend a lot of time if the weather isn’t just right. There’s a TV and stereo, although not much to watch… And through here…”, she pointed and lead us through a door at the back of the room.

“This is a good spot to be. We’ve got some wonderful books on these shelves and it’s the only place in the house that you’re allowed to have your computers. You can see out into the backyard here too.” and she pulled me by the hand over to the window.

The yard was huge and there was so much to see. But before I could even take it in, she yanked me away and pulled us through another door into the kitchen. “We keep a lot of things fully stocked and if you’d like something we don’t have, just let Mother know and she’ll make sure it’s gotten.”. She walked about the room opening all the cupboards and drawers, “You’ll find everything you need here and as they say, ‘My kitchen is your kitchen!” and she went back around the room closing all of the doors she opened.

We both watched her, a bit in awe of her spriteful energy. She was like a ballet dancer, soft and elegant on her feet, her petite body gracefully turning and bending and reaching above her head. She turned realizing we were both staring at here and smiled as her eyes seemed to dance and entice us. “On to the next room…”, she pointed and her voice was as smooth as honey.

We walked back through to the first room we had come in, the sun shining brightly through the glass beside and lining the top of the big cabin doors. We passed a set of stairs and she nodded, “Up here is where everyone sleeps. We’ll finish up there in your rooms. But first…”, she trailed off and again extended that gentle finger, “This room is kind of just like a place to hangout. We’ve got games and lots of couches, some more books – although I don’t recommend this room for reading. It tends to be the busiest room in the house and at least four of us are always in here. It’s only empty now because Mother has everyone outside with her.”

She led us around the room, again barely giving us a moment to soak anything in. “Back here is one of the bathrooms and you have to make sure you clean it when you leave it.” and we both nodded in agreement. Then she said, louder than she had said anything else all day, “And now, it’s time for your rooms!”.

She walked ahead of us up the long staircase, her hand gracefully resting on the rail and her hips swaying heavily before us. We both looked upon her subtle curves shamelessly and smiled at each other upon the realization that we were doing it. He wrapped his arm about me and chuckled quietly to himself.

“This floor is for all the newcomers…”, she interjected, “Up those stairs there is for all the people who have been here awhile. Currently, you have this floor to yourself!” and she started off down the hallway.

At the end of the rows of doors, we came upon the door to our room, scrawled with the slogan “Everyone belongs to everyone else” again and a small bouquet of dried flowers hanging beneath that. She took the flowers down and handed them to us as she opened the door.

A bright room sprawled out before us. A huge fireplace surrounded by couches and chairs, a fancy desk with all you could need to write a letter, a table with some chairs around it and that was it. She started, “The couch pulls out, if you ever need it and…”, she walked towards a door at one end of the room, “In here is your room”, she pointed at me and then pointed to a door at the other end of the room, “Over there is your room” and she glanced in his direction.

He looked at me with confusion in his eyes and I smiled awkwardly back at him.

“I’ll let you two get…”, she paused as she searched for the word that she wanted to use and finally finished with “settled” and then quickly turned on her heel and gently bounced out of the room, closing the door behind her.

He fell back onto one of the couches and let out a loud sigh. I sat across his lap and wrapped my arms about his neck. “It’s going to be alright. You know that, right?”, I asked, looking up into his eyes curiously. He held his breath for a moment, let it out in a long calming stream and gently said, “I do know that. It’s just a little overwhelming. I’ll be fine.” and kissed me on the forehead, taking in a deep breath and the smell of my hair. “I’ll be fine.”, he repeated.

After a few moments of silent relaxation, got up from the couch, grabbed both his hands and pulled him up, “Let’s explore!”, a twinkle of excitement coursing through my veins. First we went through to my room. A huge canopy bed draped in linen was the focus of the room. A dresser and closet, plus a big very comfortable looking chair and a door to a bathroom with a two-person (at least) jet tub. I fell back on the bed and pulled him down on top of me.

He rested his body on his elbows and we exchanged deep passionate kisses with one another. I ran my hands up underneath his shirt and caressed his back and he melted into me, tension visibly easing from his shoulders. He kissed down my neck and I ran my fingers through his hair. Then he jumped up, “Hey! We haven’t even looked at my room yet! What am I? Chopped liver or something?” and he bounded out of the room. I giggled and followed him out of the room.

A bed, the same size as hers, was again the focal point of his room. Instead of draped linens, his was a rustic looking thing with wooden slats at the foot and head. The seating and dresser were arranged in the same way as in the other room and he also had a bathroom with a huge jacuzzi tub. We looked at each other, he raised his eyebrows and grinned and then threw himself down on his bed.

I laughed and crawled on top of him, tickling at his sides as I did – which he hated. He reached around my waist and rested his strong hands on the top of my bottom and I bent over, smiling, and kissed him, covering us both in the sweet scent of my hair. He moved his hand up my back and took a handful of my hair, yanked back hard and I felt the growing bulge beneath me, “I don’t think they’d appreciate us doing this right now!” he mumbled and I nodded, almost mockingly, “I don’t think they mind!” and I removed my shirt in one swift movement, revealing my bare breasts, nipples hard.

He cupped one in his hand and then lifted his head to bring his mouth around the nipple. I placed my hand on the back of his head and lowered him back down onto the bed, with my other hand unbuttoning his collared shirt. When the last button was done, I moved down and kissed him and he moved his hands around my back. I kissed his lips, his neck, behind his ear – which he loved.

He rolled me onto my back and I giggled. He stood and slowly slid my long skirt off, dropping it to the floor and then with one hand undoing his belt as he lovingly caressed my calf. He undid the button and held my ankle, raising my leg to his lips to kiss it. I giggled and pulled my leg towards me, his stubble tickling my skin and he knelt down and licked up my inner thigh. I squirmed slightly and moaned, even though I was fighting the urge to, and before I could stop, he wrapped his lips around my naked clit and I immediately laid completely still and gasped.

My one hand went immediately to the back of his head, where my fingers wildly and rhythmically tensed and relaxed into his hair. The other hand gripped and grappled at the blankets, pulling them from their neatly tucked corners. He moaned and again, I gasped. His tongue, pointed yet soft, trekked over the ridges of my lips and down into a flick across the dark opening between them. I gasped and the fingers ceased to relax, now only tensing, pushing against the back of his head.

He moaned. I gasped. He flicked his tongue, I tensed. My muscles ached from all the work my body was doing to keep control – the gripping, grappling, tensing. My legs began to shake and he moaned once more before abruptly, he pulled away and in one elegant move was on top of me, his hardened cock grazing my thigh seconds prior to gently penetrating the open lips. My hands grabbed the blankets and I let out a primal moan as he pushed his girth as deep as he could manage. As he reached the base, I gasped and reached up to wrap my arms about his shoulders and pulled him in deeper and closer to me. He moaned quietly and put his hands on the back of my neck, under my hair and kissed me deeply before he moved.

He thrust hard and then hard again, long strokes that I held my breath through. He slid a hand out from under my head and scooped up my breast before descending to take my nipple roughly between his teeth. He thrust faster, both of us enjoying the sensation of that nipple rocking to his rhythm. He pushed himself hard and fast deep into me as he brought his lips to meet mine, breathless again.

“I want you to cum on my cock” he whispered and I nodded hazily at him and whispered, “I love you!”, he grinned the proudest grin and I floated. I rolled my hips up, changing the angle and allowing for the pulling sensation on my clit and he rested his body on his muscular arms, which I grabbed onto tightly.

He pounded into me and the panting of our quickened breaths was all that could be heard. I moaned and he thrust harder, knowing I was at my peak, and as my entire body began to quake he pushed himself into the deepest parts of me and held himself perfectly still, watching the show that conspired before him.

My back arched viciously and my nails clawed at anything around me. First my legs folded into my chest and then kicked out in all directions, all at once. I collapsed before raising my entire upper body off the bed and then throwing it back down, my legs pulling him closer to me. I continued to spasm wildly beneath him, in what we called the “aftershocks” and he began thrusting rhythmically once again, ready himself to experience the bliss.

I reached my hands down to his rounded and muscular ass, kissing his neck and his shoulder. As I kissed behind his ear, that spot just where his hairline just ended, I whispered, “I love you” and he shuddered violently, “I… I… I…”, he panted and shuddered again, the muscle in his shoulder twitching slightly beneath my lips. He let out a loud sigh as his whole body relaxed on top of me, he kissed my cheek, “I love you too… so much.” and we laid like this until he was soft enough to inch his way out of me.


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