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#DailyChallenge: Celebrate the First – It Started at Prom

The Challenge:

Write about a first experience reading or writing erotica.

My first time ever writing erotica (which was technically my first time reading it as well) felt like coming home at Christmas. It was a welcoming experience that filled me with a knowing that I had found my calling. Albeit, I’m not the most amazing storyteller that ever lived and I’ll never compare to the love stories of the ancients, but it’s where I find comfort and peace.

I never graduated or attended my own prom, but my older sister did. And I got to be her date. It was an amazing night. I couldn’t tell you for one second what she was doing all night, but I was enjoying the attention from all the boys at least two years older than me.

I had had a crush on this one boy for pretty much my entire pre-teenhood. By this time, I was a teenager and he was only a year away from legally being an adult. I couldn’t tell you why he was at my sisters prom, because he didn’t go to our school, but it was just another amazing thing to add to a night of greatness.

After hours upon hours of sweating it out on the dancefloor, he pulled me off to the side and we began to makeout, as only teenagers can. Then, hours afterwards, another boy whom I had just met, takes me out to his car and we begin making out. The only problem, they were both boys and what I really wanted was a girl…

That night, after having a wonderful time, we came home and I laid in my bed thinking about the two boys I had just kissed and fantasizing… The image of my fantasy, two girls and a guy, one of the girls being me, just wouldn’t leave my head. It kept replaying over and over and I started to get frustrated.

At this time, I was journaling rather heavily and decided to whip out my journal and hash out this now annoying fantasy. The only part I can still vividly remember, and which is still a fantasy that causes me more anguish than pleasure, is the other girl and the the guy having sex directly over my face as I lap hungrily at the taste of them combined.

Ever since, I’ve often used erotica to get pesky fantasies, the ones that leave you perpetually aroused, off my mind. True story.