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#SundaySmut Submission: Defining Curiosities

The Challenge:

“For this week’s #SundaySmut, we’d like to see a submission that features a F/M/F threesome (that’s Female/Male/Female, if you didn’t know). How you work that submission is up to you, but there should be three characters – 2 women, 1 man.”

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Leanne had always been bi-curious and that was exactly her problem. She could not say she was definitively hetero nor could she say she was homo and she couldn’t even say that she was bi. Leanne hated being curious.

That desire to discover, to define, to know for absolutely sure was a heavy weight that Leanne carried with her always. The curious was killing her. She had been with men her entire life. Currently, she was with a man. It wasn’t that she went out of her way to be with any specific gender, it just always ended up being that way. She always resented the men in her life because they found her before any woman had.

Kody knew all about Leanne’s problems. He knew the way she felt and the burden she assumed. He knew that she didn’t mean to be angry towards him sometimes and he understood her tears over curiosities. The only thing he could think to ever do was hold her and apologize, even though he knew that it was never enough to make the answer a definitive hetero.

Kody had always been open to the idea of threesomes. Threesomes with girls, threesomes with boys, threesomes for everybody. He had never had one before, but was sure that it would be an “awesome” situation no matter what. He had seen more than his share of threesomes in porn to know what to expect, of this he was sure, and he thought it would be “cool”.

Leanne had always imagined that her first time alone with a woman would be like her first time alone with a man: ALONE! She had never imagined that it would happen with the googly eyes of her long-term lover staring at her awkward attempts at navigating the female sex. Never thought that it would be with another person’s fingers and feelings and phalluses touching everything. Never anticipated that it would include the panting breaths and beating hearts and pleasurable moans of a woman, a woman and a man…

Kody knew all the right things to say to sway Leanne’s doubts. “I won’t ogle you two. I’ll give you time to awkwardly explore. We could do it together!” and Leanne would blush at the thought. “I’ll keep my hands and thoughts and cock to myself, unless you tell me otherwise. I’ll just sit back and not stare and I won’t touch.” and Leanne would roll her eyes in disbelief. “I won’t make a sound, I won’t make a peep, I won’t even breathe if you really don’t want me too!”, he’d say with so much enthusiasm that the whole room grew brighter and brighter and Leanne would giggle and smile, her red cheeks melting Kody’s heart and his joy melting the chip on her shoulder.

Leanne knew the perfect woman to be the answer to her curious questioning. She had offered before, when Kody and Leanne had first begun seeing each other and even when Leanne had begun seeing her boyfriend before that, but Leanne wanted to give the relationship time to blossom and grow, as all serial monogamists do. Leanne had met her when she was in college, and they became fast friends, although often didn’t see eye-to-eye, since Leanne was into monogamy and Jenette wasn’t.

Jenette was a perky brunette with a serious thing for women but an even more serious thing for sex. If Jenette didn’t answer her phone, there was only one thing that she could possibly be doing: having sex… And probably with a woman!

Kody liked everything about Jenette, everything except the fact that she never wanted him. Jenette had never even checked him out, not once. Never flirted with him or showed off too much skin around him, never tried to kiss him or hook him up with her friends. Nothing, at all. When Jenette was around, no one but Jenette existed.

It was kind of the perfect setup!

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#WordcountWednesday: The Handjob

The Challenge:

Write a piece with 3 synonyms for penis, without ever actually using the word “Penis”.

It had been a few days since they had last caressed each other’s skin and she was dying to feel his flesh next to hers, inside of her. He laid on his back as she rested her head on his chest, circling her fingers around his nipples and following the curls of hair down the flattened line of his stomach. He gently flicked his fingers across her shoulder and she laid tender kisses on the sides of his body.

The touch of his velvety skin beneath her fingers was enough to get her wet and the growing bulge beneath the blanket that covered the lower halves of their body proved he was enjoying her touch as well. She flattened her palm against his skin and slid her hand down under the blanket, letting her hands playfully roam into the soft curls of his pubic hair.

He pulled her in tighter to him as she pressed her finger along the length of his shaft, delighting in the quick pulse beneath her pointer. She laid her palm flat on the top of his member and wrapped the length of her fingers about his girth and he rocked his hips gently, without even being aware that he was doing it. She giggled quietly as she begin stroking his cock.

She lifted her head and raised her lips to his, and he moaned deeply as she gripped him harder. She moved her thumb to cover the tip of his head and continued to rub him, slow and hard and then fast and gentle. She twisted her wrist about and he moaned loudly, grabbing ever so slightly at her hair.

She knew she was “hitting the spot” when his pointer finger began repeatedly pacing back and forth on her neck. She continued to stroke his member, harder and faster, lifting her lips to his and pressing her body against him. His hips continued to rock, stronger and faster, until he grabbed her hair and yanked her head back, filling her hand with all his sweet juices, each throbbing pulse felt between her finger and thumb.

She moaned and kissed him hard, “My turn now?”…