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#DailyChallenge Submission: Snap. Snap. Snap.

The Challenge:

Write an erotic piece using the following photo as inspiration.

Photo by Max Maslansky from the Hammer Museum at UCLA

Photo by Max Maslansky from the Hammer Museum at UCLA

The entire room bustled around them, but in that moment all he could comprehend was her. She sat atop his dressing table, her legs opened wide revealing a shapely mound of curly dark hair. He gazed at her admiringly as she spoke softly to him, “You must look your best out there and you must be graceful. And don’t forget to get some pictures of the crowd for me. You promise you’ll be good boy?”.

He nodded his head hazily staring deeply in her eyes. She wrapped her long, elegant fingers around his firm testicle and lovingly brushed powder on his growing shaft. The powder did little to conceal anything on his hardening member, but the sensation of the bristles drove him wild and in the moment he felt as though they were connecting on a deeper, more intimate level.

Her name was called over the speakers spread throughout the theater, and she hastily threw the brush on the dressing table beneath her. She grabbed his head and said, “You know what to do!” and he bent forward, nuzzled his face between her hairy slit and turned and walked out onto the stage.

The lights were hot and blinding and the shutters of cameras could be heard all about him. He slowly raised his own camera up and began snapping pictures of the crowd. Women were screaming and men were yelling out instructions, “To the left. Wooo! Lift your head!”. The more he followed their instructions, the more they cheered, the more they jeered, the more they hollered. Snap. Snap. Snap.

She walked out on stage and the entire crowd went silent. All the cameras stopped and the incessant flashing ceased. The lights dimmed and for a split moment all the faces in the crowd were visible to him. Then, as if the moment had never happened, all the cheering, the flashing, the instructions began again, this time at a deafening roar.

She came up behind him and reached her hands around his chest. She tore the red top that he wore right down the middle and the audience cooed. He was unaware of what might happened next and had stopped taking pictures. She pulled his hair hard and shouted into his ear, burning from the wailing crowd, “Where’s my pictures?!?”. He snapped into the pool of people.

She let her hands fall down around his neck, gripping at the skin along his chest and abdomen, then wrapped both her hands around his now stiff cock. The whole auditorium went up with epic noise, and the cameras snapped faster than you could imagine. Snap. Snap. Snap.

The adrenaline pumped through his veins as his one true fantasy was finally coming to life. Just thinking about being able to relive this moment through all these photos was enough to send him over the edge. As he came, the entire audience erupted into laughter and she laughed at the mess he had made, yelling at him, “Look at that pitiful, disgusting little mess you left there! It’s so gross!” and he fell to his knees, trying to hide himself from the exposure, the pending humiliation and shame.

She walked around him and yelled more mocking words at him as the crowd chanted along. Cameras still snapped and a group of girls, that he could not see no matter how hard he looked, cheered wildly. She grabbed the back of his head and shoved his face down to the stage floor. He pushed back against her hand and she pushed harder, and he licked up the small amount of cum beneath his nose, the crowd pushing in closer to the stage to get closer shots. Snap. Snap. Snap.