#SundaySmut Submission: Moments of Duality (#Session5:D1)

The Challenge:

For this week’s #SundaySmut, we’d like to see a submission that features a M/F/M threesome (that’s Male/Female/Male, if you didn’t know). How you work that submission is up to you, but there should be three characters – 2 men, 1 woman.

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He was the most amazing lover I had ever had. I longed for him constantly and desired nothing more to feel his hot skin throbbing against mine. And that want, that need was all-consuming, overwhelming, and all-the-time.

Darren was a busy man. Always had places to go, people to see, business to attend to. He would try so hard to make time for my wants, that need of mine, but there was never any way around the meetings, the conference calls, the traveling.

After a particularly sour fight between us, my desires mounting beyond unbearable and his work keeping him longer and later, I felt more defeated than ever. I felt irrational, unacceptable, inappropriate, angry – a surge of endless emotion made its way over me and through me. I thought I’d never recover.

I went to bed, my arms crossed and my jaw clenched. I didn’t wait for him and I spread out across the entire bed, signaling that tonight was not a good night to sleep with me. He didn’t rush to my side, didn’t come to bed, didn’t notice my less than subtle signal. I fell asleep fuming.


The door creaked open ever so slightly allowing a sliver of golden light to penetrate the darkness. He peeked his head through the tiny crack, looked behind him and then opened the door, the light stealing every moment of darkness. I rolled and glared at him through squinted eyes. “What do you want?”, I barked.

He came and sat on the bed next to me. He was so calm and so peaceful looking. He rested his hand on my face, “I know you’re upset right now. But I know that you know that I love you more than anything else in the whole entire world.”. He paused a moment and I glared at the crumpled sheets beneath me. If he expected me to respond positively he was sorely mistaken.

Before I could open my mouth, he blurted out excitedly, “I got you something!”. I rolled my eyes and he stood up from beside me. I sat up quickly, almost more angry that he thought some material possession could solve the problem. “Now, it’s probably not what you’re thinking, but I know that you’re going to love it. You’ve mentioned that you’ve wanted it before and I hope that you’ll understand my motivations. I just love you so much and I never want to lose you, for any reason!”.

My eyebrows furrowed against my will and he rushed over to the door, still open and the only source of light in the room, and waved at something in the hall. I threw the blankets off and stood up next to the bed, ready to respond, although completely unaware of how.

He walked back in nervously and behind him followed another man. “This is umm… Marcus. He’s from work and well… umm… I kinda talked to him about… you know… us. We talked about it and thought that maybe he could umm… help?”. My hands immediately went to my hips, even though I was trying to force them to stay at my sides. He stepped towards me sheepishly, his face full of questioning.

I looked at his hand reaching out to me and noticed his shaking fingers. I glanced at the messed sheets on the bed, the blanket strewn about. I stared at the wall, the only dark area left in the room, my eyes narrowing on a corner. I scoffed out loud against my better judgement and flopped my arms down beside me, before lowering my head in silence. I could not figure out how to react at all.

Marcus stepped forward and reached out his hand. “Hey! I’m Marcus. Don’t be mad at him. It was all my idea, after all.”. I couldn’t help but giggle at the addition of “after all” and raised my hand to his. There was no need to be rude to a perfect stranger, after all. I took my hand away and flicked the hair out of my face, “So then, what do you guys expect to have happen here?”, I asked defiantly, waiting for them both to cave in this obvious dare or bet of some kind.

Darren put his hands on my waist and whispered in my ear, “Just go with it.” and I laughed out loud as he kissed my neck and moved behind me. He pulled my hair off my neck and continued to lay sweet, gentle kisses along my neck and shoulders. My eyes closed and my head fall back as I lingered in the sensation of him, his soft fingers trailing across my skin.

Marcus’ hands were suddenly on my body and my eyes flashed open and my head thrust forward and our eyes locked together. One hand was roughly gripping onto my hip and the other was lifting my breast and he was pressing his whole body up against me, hard cock and all. A wide smirk graced his strong features as he recognized the surprise written all across my face and I swear I saw a twinkle.

He grabbed me away from Darren’s touch and threw me down on my back on the bed. I gasped loudly. I raised myself up on my elbows and looked at Darren with wide eyes and he just smiled back at me. He climbed up on the bed next to me and began kissing my neck again, this time not as soft. Marcus climbed up on the bed on the other side of me and roughly grabbed my breast through my shirt, flinging his legs over my bare legs.

Darren’s hand moved across my collarbone and up to my cheek. He turned my face towards his and kissed me hard and deep, his fingers tangled in my hair. I moved my hand, somewhat awkwardly, up to his hair and pulled him in tighter and closer to me. Marcus’ hand made its way across my collarbone. He turned my face towards him and kissed me roughly, desperately.

They both had a hand on my cheek and I laid my head back and closed my eyes, taking the deepest breath I could manage. At the exact same time, exact same pace, their hands began moving down my body. Darren’s soft fingers traced the line of neck just as Marcus’ calloused fingers moved over my skin. Darren’s small hands cupped the weight of my breast as Marcus’ large hand engulfed it. Darren moved his hand gently over the curve of my stomach while Marcus pressed down into my flesh. I inhaled sharply with every new sensation and they seemed to be constant.

Darren would kiss my neck and Marcus would follow. Darren would slide his tongue between my lips and Marcus would follow. Darren was gentle, soft, light and Marcus was rough, hard and fast. The difference, one following the other, over and over again, covered every inch of my skin in goosebumps. I shuddered beneath the duality as their hands made their way over my hips and onto my bare thighs.

I opened my eyes as they both paused there, their hands simply resting on my thighs. I thought maybe I had just woken up from a great dream and was ready to be utterly disappointed. I looked at Darren first, who was looking down at me, his eyes full of passion. He smiled softly and I turned my head slightly to look at Marcus. He was looking at Darren. Darren nodded and that wide grin swept its way across Marcus’ face again.

At the exact same time, the exact same moment, their hands moved between my closed legs, touched the tips of each others fingers and then quickly pulled them apart. They both felt exactly the same and I could not stop the moan that escaped from the pit of my throat. My hands went from resting to grabbing their arms so fast that I didn’t even notice I was doing it and the smiles on their faces were drenched with mischief.

They both jumped off the bed and began to remove their clothes. Marcus unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt and pulled it off over his head and was already pulling off his pants as Darren was just finishing the top two buttons of his shirt. He walked around to the other side of the bed, where my head was resting and continued to remove his shirt. Marcus was taking off his socks and standing there completely naked just as Darren removed his pants.

Darren reached down and pulled at the bottom of my shirt and lifted and let him take it off of me. He kissed my neck as Marcus and I exchanged excited glances in the dark. The light reflected off of every strong muscle that rippled over Marcus and precum could be seen dangling off the end of his cock as he stood there his hands on his hips. Darren slowly lowered me back down onto the bed.

He took my hand and guided it to his raging cock, every vein throbbing at my touch. He pointed at Marcus and then pointed at me and ran his fingers through my hair which was spread out across the bed in a mess. I gently stroked his cock, tilting my head back to lick the line of precum emerging from the tip of him.

I arched my back as Marcus’ hands began their way up my legs. He kissed my calves as his strong fingers pressed into my ankles. He flicked his tongue over the skin behind my knees. He pushed my legs further and further apart until I felt completely opened up. His calloused palms dug into my thighs and then he devoured my pussy.

My hand frantically worked Darren’s member as Marcus moved his tongue enthusiastically around every wet inch of me. He sucked and nibbled and moaned and wiggled, his whole head whipping about swiftly between my wide open legs. I couldn’t tell if I loved it or hated it and I began panting ever so slightly. I was now lapping desperately on Darren’s cock, sucking hungrily on his swollen testicles and pulling at any piece of him I could manage to get a grip on. I had never wanted him more.

He bent down and kissed me. At first his lips were soft and he gently pinched my nipples as Marcus continued to erratically lick around. Then he kissed me hard as he moved his hand down my body, underneath Marcus’ frantic lips, and roughly set his finger on my clit. The whole entire room stood still. Marcus stopped moving, Darren stopped moving, and each of us held our breaths.

Darren slid his finger down, down, down, so slowly and began to inch his finger into me, his tongue exploring mine like it was the first time. I melted into the bed as he pushed just the one finger deeper and deeper into me. He whispered, “You’re ready” and Marcus moved up onto his knees and very slowly entered me, gliding along Darren’s finger as he pulled it out. I quivered at the sensation of that and Darren smiled at me and I smiled back at him.

I gazed into Darren’s eyes, his hands gathering my hair up, as Marcus plunged the final inch into me and held himself at the deepest part of me. He pulled my head this way and that and then turned it and placed his cock on my lips. I licked his shaft and the tip of him before taking him into my mouth. He used my hair to control my depth, my speed, my angle. Marcus began thrusting, his one hand grabbing onto my hip and his other squeezing my breast. My moans were muffled.

Darren let go of my hair and placed it carefully on the bed, as I continued to lick and suck whatever I could reach. His thigh, his balls, his cock, his arm. Anything that moved past my hungry lips. He walked away and I whimpered. Marcus continued to penetrate me and I caught his smile as I watched Darren walk beside him. Marcus nodded and I smiled at him awkwardly and he put his hands on the bed beside my head.

He leaned down and kissed me roughly, pulling himself almost completely out of me before pushing himself deep inside of me. My hands instinctively lifted and wrapped around him, entirely lost in the moment. His cock felt massive and I rocked against him at the deepest thrusts. He kissed my neck and grunted out, “You ain’t felt nothing yet, baby!” and I scoffed at the crudeness of his words.

He quickly pounded into me one, two, three, four times and then abruptly lifted off of me and stood up. I went from tense with passion to limp in seconds and I laid there, ready to be utterly disappointed. I closed my eyes and felt the bed moving beneath me. Hands were near my head and I could feel hot breath on my cheek. I opened my eyes to see Darren hovering above me in exactly the same position Marcus had been before and I grinned greedily.

My fingers ran through his soft brown curls as he slid into me with ease. I lifted my lips to his and kissed him as I moved my hands down the gentle curve of his back to his glorious ass. I pushed him deeper and deeper into me and he kissed me harder and harder. He thrust slowly and then he thrust quickly and I quivered desperately beneath him. “I love you”, I whispered between passionate kisses and he whispered back.

He leaned back and sat on the heels of his feet, never once removing himself from deep within me. “Marcus, get over here!”, he playfully yelled. Marcus came over with a glass of water and offered some to Darren. Darren took a long drink of the water and Marcus gave him the thumbs up as he walked to the other side of the bed.

Darren handed the glass of water back to Marcus and Marcus took a quick drink of it. He smiled at Darren, “Think she’s thirsty?” and Darren laughed, “Oh, I know she is!”. They looked at each other knowingly, those mischievous grins taunting me. “Think we should give her some of this water?”, Marcus asked chuckling. Darren thrusted with each syllable, a seriousness seeping through the grin, “Yes… we… should!”. I could tell Darren was enjoying himself and trying to think of things that would keep him from cumming too soon. I grinned girlishly and covered my mouth with my hand.

“Well, open wide!”, Marcus said confidently and I moved my hand and opened my mouth. He poured the cold water slowly into my mouth and then down my chin and over my nipples, the water cascading down my stomach and sides. I shivered uncontrollably and both the men laughed. Darren wrapped his hands around my legs and began thrusting into me, pulling me harder and deeper onto him.

“I said, open wide!”, Marcus commanded. I looked up at him standing over me, taking a drink of the water and I opened my mouth. Darren grabbed my hips, “That’s a good girl!” and I couldn’t help but grin slightly. Marcus stood at my head and put his thumb on my bottom lip. He pulled my mouth open wider and slowly poured a little tiny bit of water over his thumb. I tried to close my lips and swallow but he held my lips apart. I swallowed awkwardly as he poured a little tiny bit more water over his thumb. Darren grabbed my breasts, “You are such a good girl!”. I swallowed and moaned as he gently rocked inside of me.

Darren pulled out of me and began to use all his strength to turn me. Marcus let go of my lip and grabbed up all my hair as I flipped over onto my knees. Darren slid right back into me and quickly thrusted as he grabbed my ass roughly. Marcus said, “Open wide” again and I looked up to see him grinning before taking him into my mouth. He forcefully pushed his way deeper and deeper into my mouth and Darren would say, “Good girl” at every sound that I would make that would escape around Marcus’ cock. Between the two of them, I was perfect.

Their rhythm together was inspiring and one would penetrate just as one would back away and then they would penetrate at exactly the same time. My senses flared at their impeccable rhythm and my skin tingled at every touch. I felt like I was floating and time had stopped and my mind was completely blank. I no longer made any sound. Darren broke the silence, “Oh, she is definitely ready now!”

I raised my eyes and looked at Marcus, his cock shoved deep into my mouth. He smiled and pulled my head back and kissed me before letting me go. Darren slowly pulled out of me, rubbing his hands over my wetness as he did. I stayed on all fours, kneeling and waiting.

Darren laid down on the bed next to me and reached his hand under me and pulled me over to him. I crawled on top of him and lowered down until he was completely inside of me. I paused a moment and he pulled me down for another one of his passionate kisses. I gasped as he begin quickly bucking his hips beneath me, using his legs to powerfully push himself into me. My cheeks always felt like they were going numb when he did this and he knew how much I loved it.

His hands reached around to my ass and he roughly gripped the rounded flesh and pulled at it hard. Then I felt Marcus’ hands roughly gripping the tender flesh and the four hands were pulling and prodding and pinching and stroking this one little area. My fingers pulled frantically at Darren’s curls, smothering him in kiss after kiss after kiss.

Marcus’ pulled on my thighs, spreading my lips wider and wider. Darren felt bigger with every pull. Then, Marcus pulled with one hand and begin to slide his finger into my wetness, just on top of Darren’s throbbing member. I could feel every single little thing all over my entire body and I whimpered in spite of myself. Marcus added another finger and then another finger and each time, I felt more and more enlightened.

Darren whispered, “Okay, are you ready?” and I nodded, “I love you so much, so much” and he said, “I know”. Marcus moved behind me, grabbed all my hair in his hands and slowly slid himself into my wet pussy as Darren gently rocked beneath us, his cock throbbing inside of me. I moaned loudly as Marcus pushed and pushed and pushed until he was as deep as he could manage inside of me, pulling my head back by my hair so roughly.

He came down beside my ear, his breath heavy on my skin and grunted, “I told ya you hadn’t felt nothing yet, baby” and those crude words from before now slid off his tongue and rolled through my body like a tidal wave. The sound of his voice and that “baby”, rung in my ears and I quaked and heaved as they thrusted in perfect harmony. I turned my head to meet Marcus’ lips as I erupted into an orgasm that left both of them clenching skin, as my pussy contracted tightly around them.

They both thrust faster as my orgasm subsided, Marcus and I still kissing and Darren licking my neck. I kept trying to say something, anything, but nothing would come out except little gasps of air. Darren moved his hands into my hair and Marcus leaned back and grabbed my hips, pulling me hard back onto him. The slight change in angle drove us all wild and the perfect rhythm we had achieved now became a tangled mess of primal undulating.

Marcus grunted loudly as he thrust proudly, his hands pulling and grabbing at any skin in his reach. Darren held my arms close to my side and watched my breasts bounce ever so slightly, a loving smile gracing his peaceful face, gently rocking beneath me. I looked at him, I looked behind me at Marcus, I closed my eyes and repeated the whole process. They fell back into a rhythm and my head fell back as they both thrusted at the exact same time, the exact same moment.

The whole room went silent for a single moment. The sliver of golden light was no longer visible to any of us. Our hearts stood completely still. At once, we all burst out into one loud moan and my pussy was clenching at the exact same moment, the exact same time as they were both pulsating and thrusting out their orgasms.

Marcus bent over limp onto my back first, placing his head on my shoulder. I kissed the back of his head and lowered mine to Darren’s chest, delighting in the sound of his pounding heart. He put his hand on the back of my head, kissed my forehead and laid still smiling beneath us.

We laid there at the exact same moment, the exact same time.

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