#SundaySmut Submission: Defining Curiosities

The Challenge:

“For this week’s #SundaySmut, we’d like to see a submission that features a F/M/F threesome (that’s Female/Male/Female, if you didn’t know). How you work that submission is up to you, but there should be three characters – 2 women, 1 man.”

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Leanne had always been bi-curious and that was exactly her problem. She could not say she was definitively hetero nor could she say she was homo and she couldn’t even say that she was bi. Leanne hated being curious.

That desire to discover, to define, to know for absolutely sure was a heavy weight that Leanne carried with her always. The curious was killing her. She had been with men her entire life. Currently, she was with a man. It wasn’t that she went out of her way to be with any specific gender, it just always ended up being that way. She always resented the men in her life because they found her before any woman had.

Kody knew all about Leanne’s problems. He knew the way she felt and the burden she assumed. He knew that she didn’t mean to be angry towards him sometimes and he understood her tears over curiosities. The only thing he could think to ever do was hold her and apologize, even though he knew that it was never enough to make the answer a definitive hetero.

Kody had always been open to the idea of threesomes. Threesomes with girls, threesomes with boys, threesomes for everybody. He had never had one before, but was sure that it would be an “awesome” situation no matter what. He had seen more than his share of threesomes in porn to know what to expect, of this he was sure, and he thought it would be “cool”.

Leanne had always imagined that her first time alone with a woman would be like her first time alone with a man: ALONE! She had never imagined that it would happen with the googly eyes of her long-term lover staring at her awkward attempts at navigating the female sex. Never thought that it would be with another person’s fingers and feelings and phalluses touching everything. Never anticipated that it would include the panting breaths and beating hearts and pleasurable moans of a woman, a woman and a man…

Kody knew all the right things to say to sway Leanne’s doubts. “I won’t ogle you two. I’ll give you time to awkwardly explore. We could do it together!” and Leanne would blush at the thought. “I’ll keep my hands and thoughts and cock to myself, unless you tell me otherwise. I’ll just sit back and not stare and I won’t touch.” and Leanne would roll her eyes in disbelief. “I won’t make a sound, I won’t make a peep, I won’t even breathe if you really don’t want me too!”, he’d say with so much enthusiasm that the whole room grew brighter and brighter and Leanne would giggle and smile, her red cheeks melting Kody’s heart and his joy melting the chip on her shoulder.

Leanne knew the perfect woman to be the answer to her curious questioning. She had offered before, when Kody and Leanne had first begun seeing each other and even when Leanne had begun seeing her boyfriend before that, but Leanne wanted to give the relationship time to blossom and grow, as all serial monogamists do. Leanne had met her when she was in college, and they became fast friends, although often didn’t see eye-to-eye, since Leanne was into monogamy and Jenette wasn’t.

Jenette was a perky brunette with a serious thing for women but an even more serious thing for sex. If Jenette didn’t answer her phone, there was only one thing that she could possibly be doing: having sex… And probably with a woman!

Kody liked everything about Jenette, everything except the fact that she never wanted him. Jenette had never even checked him out, not once. Never flirted with him or showed off too much skin around him, never tried to kiss him or hook him up with her friends. Nothing, at all. When Jenette was around, no one but Jenette existed.

It was kind of the perfect setup!

Kody had planned the entire thing out. He was careful to prepare for staying out of the interaction and quickly becoming involved in it. He made sure there was plenty of water, blankets, pillows and even a few of Leanne’s favorite toys. He picked out Leanne’s favorite music and had an extra bottle of champagne on standby. He was not going to let anything screw this up for Leanne.

Leanne opened the door just as Kody was pouring the third glass of champagne. “Honey, we’re home!”, she called out as Jenette strolled in behind her, both of them with bags strewn all up their arms. Kody rushed over, “Here, let me help you with those. You’re going to hurt yourself!” and he kissed them each on the cheek as he worked the bags off of them.

He set the bags down on the floor by the door and slid his fingers through Leanne’s and wrapped his arm around Jenette. He led them to the living room where he had prepared the whole setup. He sat them down on the large sectional couch and offered them each a glass of champagne. They all toasted to “no more curiosity!”. Leanne shivered with anxiety, Kody calmed his anticipation and Jenette was ready to go!

Kody had sat Jenette next to Leanne and sat himself on the part of the sectional beside them. He sipped his champagne and casually asked how shopping had gone. Jenette placed her hand on Leanne’s leg and licked her lips before slithering, “Marvelous, simply. You should see this amazing dress Leanne got – you’ll want to tear it right off her!”. Leanne giggled and turned that adorable shade of red and Jenette smiled and pushed Leanne’s curls back away from her face.

Leanne tensed under her touch and relaxed as she moved away. Jenette reached her hand under Leanne’s chin and gently turned her so their eyes met. Leanne’s were panicked and full of questioning, Jenette’s were confident and blazing. Leanne tightened under her sure stare and Jenette lowered her lips to Leanne’s and the whole world melted away.

Leanne moved her hand into Jenette’s hair and Jenette gently rubbed Leanne’s bloused breasts. They kissed softly, then vigorously, then sweetly. Their fingers travelled over cheekbone and jaw, collarbone and shoulder, their bodies pressed firmly against each other. Kody sat sipping his champagne, stealing glances as their eyes closed in passionate response.

Jenette popped up from the couch abruptly. “Marvelous, simply marvelous. I’m just going to freshen up. Kody,”, she seemed to sing out, “be a darling and do something about Leanne’s clothes, would you?”. Kody smiled from ear to ear at her desire to include him and looked at Leanne for permission. She patted the couch beside her eagerly.

“Are you enjoying yourself so far?”, Kody whispered. She nodded her head and began kissing him frantically. He undid the buttons of her blouse and ran his hands over her smooth skin as he removed the silk. He reached behind her and undid her bra and skirt in a fluid motion. He stopped to look at her, her curls slightly tousled, her cheeks brightly reddened, her breasts heaving with desire. He smiled and cupped her face in his strong hands, “Good, now lift up a little”, and she did so lazily, and he dragged her skirt and underwear down her legs, past her knees and off her feet. He even gently pulled each foot from its heel, placing a single kiss on each of her big toes.

Jenette came back into the room wearing nothing but her heels. “More champagne anyone?”, she asked as she began to fill her own glass. She filled Kody’s glass after hers, “What an amazing job you have done here Kody!”, and again she seemed to sing at him. She filled Leanne’s glass next and purred, “Marvelous, simply!”, before bending over and taking Leanne’s lips between hers, her breasts dangling over, nipples touching Leanne’s.

She sat on the other side of Leanne and they each took a long drink from their full glasses. Jenette put her glass down on the table beside her and then took Leanne’s glass and put it next to hers. She laid her hand on Leanne’s knee and began kissing her gently, soft pecks on the lips. Slowly she inched her hand up Leanne’s thigh and Kody couldn’t help but stare intensely, watching Jenette’s hand move higher and higher.

He reached out his hand and put it on Leanne’s other leg, unable to resist the urging of his manhood. Leanne grabbed his hand and he froze in fear of rejection and she placed his hand on her breast as she reached out with one hand to touch the bulge raging beneath his pants and the other to squeeze Jenette’s hardened nipple as she continued to kiss Leanne lightly.

Jenette’s hand moved down between Leanne’s thighs and began nudging them apart. Leanne hadn’t noticed until her thighs were spread and the cool air touched her parted lips. She gasped out loud as Jenette’s finger just touched her throbbing clit. And Jenette cooed at her reaction, the feel of her, her womanliness. Kody watched on, smiling from ear-to-ear and keeping completely silent.

Jenette began to kiss down Leanne’s neck, over the thin skin revealing blue veins. She licked her lips before descending over her collarbone and took large mouthfuls of the fleshy breasts on the way. She flicked her tongue gently over the tight skin of Leanne’s stomach and kissed the trail from belly button to pubic mound. She looked up and smiled to see Leanne kissing Kody passionately, as his hands travelled her upper body, delighting in her every reaction.

Jenette’s tongue was warm, even warmer than the wetness coming from Leanne’s swollen pussy. She traced every line of Leanne’s sex and moaned sweet nothings into her hot flesh. Jenette was amazingly skilled with her tongue and Leanne wriggled violently beneath the heat. Her hands worked through Jenette’s hair and pulled her gently up to meet Leanne’s lips. Their breasts pressed up against each other and their hair fell around their faces, concealing the passionate exchange between them. Jenette pulled gently on Leanne’s hair and Leanne slide her hand down Jenette’s back and over her rear.

Kody couldn’t contain himself any longer. He had been sitting there for a long time, watching the two of them kiss and touch and lick and he hadn’t even started to remove any of his clothes and no one was paying attention to him. He reached his hand up behind Leanne’s head and tried to turn her head towards him for a kiss. She continued to kiss Jenette and didn’t even look his direction. He tried to grab her hand and place it on his raging hard on, but she just removed it and caressed Jenette’s backside and the two of them just kept right on kissing and grinding up against each other.

And that was when Kody made a mistake. He didn’t even realize he had done it until after he had done it and he immediately regretted it. As Jenette was rubbing her body all over Leanne, Kody reached out and grabbed the rounded flesh of Jenette’s smooth bottom end, brushing his fingers right up against Leanne’s. Both of them stopped and looked straight at him. Kody quickly removed his hand and apologized.

Jenette spoke calmly, but with a firm tone, “Kody, champagne!” and he rose to go get the extra bottle of champagne. Jenette sat next to Leanne and they whispered between each other as Kody returned and poured their glasses. He handed the first glass to Jenette, “I’m so sorry!”, he said sincerely before handing the next glass to Leanne and mouthing, “Sorry” to her.

Leanne replied, “That’s fine Kody, but now it’s not going to be so fun for you. Come over here a minute.” and when he arrived in front of her, she pulled him about until he was standing awkwardly before her. “Take off your shirt Kody, show Jenette your body.”. Kody quickly wormed out of his shirt and Jenette whispered in Leanne’s ears and they both laughed out loud. Kody’s lips twitched against his will.

Leanne reached out and undid the buckle of Kody’s belt. Jenette reached over and pulled the belt out of the pants as Leanne continued to unbutton and unzip them. Their breasts both jiggled about as they struggled to undo and remove his pants and they both giggled to see his hard bulge in his shorts.

“Now darling,”, said Jenette in an almost mocking tone, “turn around and remove your pants and shorts.”. Kody’s lips twitched again and he slowly began turning around. He pulled his pants down and removed his socks at the same time, and then stood again before beginning to remove his shorts. He pulled these down fast, not feeling entirely comfortable exposing his rear end to both of them. Leanne was one thing, Jenette was another.

They both reached out and pinched his bare skin and he jumped away from them and said, “Ow” enthusiastically. They both rose off the couch and pinched him as he moved away. He fell onto the couch where he had been before and Leanne mounted him. Jenette moved behind the couch and covered his eyes with her heavy breasts. Leanne pinches his nipples as she just barely touched her wet lips to his throbbing cock.

He moaned and worked to lick and suckle on Jenette’s breasts and she reached down to pinch his nipples too. Her and Leanne kissed above him and he wrapped his hands around Leanne and pushed himself into her. She gasped before cooing, “Oh Kody” and he thrust quickly into her. Jenette bent over and took his lips between hers. Leanne lifted off of Kody and sat down on the other couch with her champagne.

Jenette came around the couch and stood in front of Kody with her back turned to him. He looked at Leanne as she drank her champagne and reached out and touched Jenette’s bare skin. She bent over revealing all of her pinkness and Kody sat forward and buried his face into her wetness. He grabbed at her fleshy ass and pushed it closer to his face and pulled it apart as he took a deep breath before diving back into her. He looked over at Leanne again and this time, she was softly rubbing herself, one hand gripping her breast, the other circling her clit. He smiled into Jenette’s pussy and let out a deep groan. Jenette moaned and pushed against him.

She reached her hand around and pushed him back onto the couch. His cock bobbed and she lowered herself onto him, her hair falling in his face. She opened her legs wide, exposing him deep in her, and wiggled her finger at Leanne as if to say, “Come here”. Kody put his head out under Jenette’s arm and watched as Jenette began to bounce on top of him and Leanne crawled seductively towards Jenette’s stuffed hole.

Leanne let her tongue roam their sexes, the pointed tip of her tongue gently flicking over Jenette’s clit and her warm, flat tongue lapping up Jenette’s juices dripping down Kody’s throbbing cock. He stayed perfectly still as Jenette bucked her hips wildly. She grabbed Kody’s hand and guided it to Leanne’s hair and he gladly strung his fingers through her hair, Leanne cupped his balls and gave them a squeeze and he moaned and took Jenette’s breast in his other hand, squeezing it tightly.

Jenette began panting faster and faster and Leanne’s head moved more frantically between her legs. Kody grabbed onto Jenette’s hips and began thrusting himself hard into her. Jenette screamed out as a gush of liquid pushed Kody right out of her and she grabbed hard onto Leanne’s shoulders, quaking as the waves of her orgasm crashed over her. She sat back onto Kody before shuffling off beside him, her legs drenched with her wetness and the rest of her drenched in sweat.

Leanne moved forward and feverishly licked Jenette’s juices off of Kody’s swollen member. He could only take a few seconds. He picked Leanne up off the floor and put her on the couch next to Jenette. He handed them both a bottle of water and then knelt at their feet. He spread Leanne’s legs open as wide as they would go and then spread Jenette’s legs as wide as they would go. He sat back and looked at the two of them, their chests rising and falling in steady rhythm, their pussies glistening and pulsating. He reached out and touched each of them with his finger and both of them responded with a soft arched back and he smiled as they began to kiss each other.

He rose up on his knees and shuffled over to Jenette. He thrusted into her once, twice, three times and then shuffled over to Jenette. He slowly entered her, taking her breasts in his hands and squeezing them tightly as he slowly moved in and out of her. Jenette reached down and played with Leanne’s clit as Kody continued to rhythmically rock in and out of her.

Jenette straddled Leanne, letting Kody’s stomach hit her ass, as she laid hard kisses on Leanne’s lips. Kody pulled out of Leanne and slid into Jenette, thrust once and then pulled out and slid into Leanne. He was surprised by how this felt and did it a few more times, giving them each one thrust before moving onto the next. Leanne’s pussy felt hot and engorged, Jenette’s felt warm and tight. The girls writhed on the couch, their clits rubbing perfectly against each other as Kody worked his way in and out of them. Their nipples would graze each others and they’d each gasp at the sensation and their hands roamed every inch of each other’s bodies.

Leanne was close to orgasming and Kody could tell. She always went really quiet just as she was about to cum and he bent over and whispered to Jenette, “She’s almost there” and Jenette smiled back at him, “Me too” and he thrust hard into Jenette a few times before moving himself to Leanne. Just as he entered Leanne, she screamed out, “I’m cumming!”, as she always did and Kody thrust harder and faster. He began to cum inside of Leanne just as Jenette screamed out, just as she had before and Kody quickly thrust himself deep inside of her depositing the last of his juices deep within her. He gave a few lazy hard thrusts before collapsing on Jentte’s back.

Jenette and Leanne continued kissing softly as they all came down from the perfect orgasm. Kody slid off of them and grabbed a blanket, before sitting on the opposite couch and asking if anyone would like to join him. Leanne came over to one side of him, resting her hand on his chest and he covered her with the blanket and kissed her on the forehead. Jenette came over to the other side of him and laid her head on his chest, resting her hand on Leanne’s. He covered her with the blanket and kissed her on the forehead.

They each let out a long, hard breath.


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